SWEDISH MULTICULTURALISM – the Noble Art of Making Sh*t Up As You Go Along | säg att du skojar

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SWEDISH MULTICULTURALISM – the Noble Art of Making Sh*t Up As You Go Along | säg att du skojar

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Vi vet att 10 000-tals utsätts varje år, kanske uppåt 100 000. Lever du i. We know that the 10 000th-century suffer every year, maybe 100 000.. It is so incredibly important to make this kind of usual violence, so I put it in again, slightly edited.

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The Queen donates SEK 100,000 to the international work of the Church of Sweden - Sveriges Kungahus

In February of 2018 the world suddenly turned its attention to Sweden and its liberal migration policies.
Who would believe this…!?
Even though it had something bad happens every night in Sweden these days… and every Swede knew it — just like kids with an alcoholic parent know.
The Donald was right.
A lot of it bad.
There were no slums or ghettos.
Swedish healthcare was among the best in the world and poverty was, more or less, eradicated.
This small Lutheran-Christian monarchy, with all its geographical advantages, safely tucked away in the northern parts of Europe, had gotten a colossal head start after the end of WW2.
Many other countries were ravaged by war, some literally bombed back to the Stone Age, but Sweden — thanks to a pragmatic approach to the Nazis — had sneaked away unscathed and therefore could take the lead in many fields of industry and science.
Dams and factories were built, weapons and trucks were exported.
In 1970 60% of all immigrants in Sweden were employed with the manufacturing sector.
It was — make 100 000 a year — the land of milk and honey.
Compared to 30 000 asylum seekers in 2018, 160 000 in 2018, 120 000 in 2018 and 115 000 in 2018.
Many languish in Sweden for as long as 12-24 months before their cases are rejected by the Swedish Migration Board.
These camps are a veritable breeding ground for oppression towards women and children and not at all in accordance with the rest of the equality-aware Swedish society.
I have personally visited several such places the past three years and I can assure you — you would not make 100 000 a year want to stay there for many hours even if these accommodations are — most probably — better than any bombed out city in Syria och Iraq.
Things could probably have continued that way make 100 000 a year decades.
But then, in 1975, the sociallist-led government had an idea.
What it means, in no uncertain terms, is that in Sweden anyone can do her or his own thang.
Assimilation is optional — not obligatory.
Granting refugees asylum was no longer an act of solidarity — it was an end in itself.
A way of counteracting any form of fascism — real or imagined.
Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, mr Gabriel Wikström.
Photo: Kristian Pool, Regeringskanslislet.
And to be fair: a lot of stupid shit can be explained with those parameters.
Islam, for instance, is what it is.
It is a deeply unequal, unabashedly undemocratic, blatantly totalitarian ideology.
Either way, these well-intentioned cosmopolites have embraced islam in a manner that, at best, can be called ignorant.
Especially Swedish feminists seem to love this authoritarian ideology.
The pander to it.
Through state media, through the big commercial newspapers, through plays, movies, radio shows… etc.
Because what would be the alternative?
A big wall surrounding Sweden?
Are you nazi, Jens?
And a straw man argument.
But the Swedish population has been gouded — some like me would say even brainwashed — into believing that multiculturalism is a force of nature; a natural state.
Xenophobia, on the other hand, has routinely been deemed a purely destructive human trait, even though suspicion towards the unknown and potentially dangerous, in many ways and throughout history, have been a prerequisite for human survival.
It is worse that being an ISIS-symphatizer.
They are the sum of domestic traditions mixed with foreign influences.
And just like no man is an island very few — if any — societies can claim to be completely homegrown apart, perhaps, from North Korea and Arkansas.
Everybody needs input from the surrounding world.
Or the Swedish Social Democrats.
It is in many ways a political project communism 2.
But just make 100 000 a year little.
So why the suspicion towards multiculturalism?
Should it turn out not to work, like the Swedish version, there is no reset-button.
Even in areas where an overwhelmingly majority of the residents come from other countries and where crimes rates are much higher than the national average.
Mixing native Swedes with other Europeans — quickly, over a short period of time — has been done before.
Most notably during the Yugoslav Wars 1991 — 1999 when Sweden accepted tens and thousands of refugees from former Yugoslavia.
Which, of course, was the decent thing to do.
But that was people who held a similar world view and a similar set of moral standards.
Multiculturalism must work, at any given point in time.
No matter what the variables.
Accepting illiterate refugees from clan dominated societies in Somalia is the same thing as accepting university educated engineers from neighbouring Norway.
Should one or two or 130 poverty-stricken, underprivileged areas emerge — well, that comes with the territory.
Cars may burn, night after night after, but Donald Trump was wrong.
Or as former Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, said back in 1991 when asked about the social unrest in infamous Swedish suburb Rinkeby 07.
Compared to 30 000 asylum seekers in 2018, 160 000 in 2018, 120 000 in 2018 and 115 000 in 2018.
It could perhaps been better to have applied for asylum in first safe country as is the ruling within EU.
Gilla Very, very good description of things.
My earlier comments should be compared with the situation today see more Syria, Irak… most of middle east… The world has 65 miljons refugees of which 20% have fled their native country….
UNHCR asks for approx 70 billions and are granted about half of this while the initial costs for migrants in Sweden INITIAL per year is also 70 billions….
Sweden is taking care of refugees 100 times more costly than UNHCR.
So for the same, or even less cost: — refugees will be better off closer to native countries — the native countries will be built up again quicker after war by keeping the refugees close AND foreign born will not solve the internal problem with older people in Sweden….
Sooner or later we, the swedes, will ask ourselves: what do we have to do, to get our country back?
Thanks to the politics of the last forty years, those are the only realistic options given present circumstances.
Yours, Rikard, former schoolteacher Gilla You mentioned multiculturalism in advertisements.
It seems that it follows a few strict rules.
The products advertised, however, are almost always designed and developed by either Europeans, Americans or East Make 100 000 a year />It is in many ways a political project communism 2.



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