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Top Word Game of 2018. Super addictive - played by millions worldwide ** Word Trek - Brain game & Word puzzles is an addictive word game.

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Words With Friends... OR ELSE!

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SvenskaFans sparar viss data för att ge dig en bättre upplevelse.
Genom att använda SvenskaFans tjänster godkänner du detta.
Skriv ditt personliga meddelande till Kenny Pavey Vår numera kultspelare Kenny Pavey lämnar nu klubben efter sex framgångsrika år.
Därför ger vi nu fansen möjligheten att skriva sin egna hälsning till Kenny här nedan i kommentarsfältet.
Därefter kommer vi skriva ut hälsningarna och ge de personligen till Kenny.
Blott en gång har jag fält en tår på Råsunda och detta var under din avtackning.
Må du återkomma till dit hem och oss.
I´ve used You as a exampel for the kids I coach in a AIK team.
Every time I noticed that the kids slowed down, been lazy or when the fightingspirit in a game been low I told the lads "be like Kenny, he does´nt know what give up means".
It works every fuck´n time.
Thanks Kenny for everything, we sure gonna miss You Kenny, du sliter hårt för ditt lag.
Synd att du är en så dålig fotbollspelare.
Men ibland träffade du bollen sägs det.
You are the heart and soul of AIK!
They should be a shamed not to prolonge your contract!
In our hearts aways and forever, there can only be one Kenny Pavey!
Thank you for all that you've done for AIK!
Det bästa betyget en fotbollsspelare kan få borde vara att när tiden i klubben är slut få veta att man levt upp till vad klubbmärket står för.
För mig är du vad AIK står för.
Vill tacka dig för vad du har gett AIK under dom här åren och hoppas du kommer tillbaka till oss framöver.
Kommer komma ihåg många av dina tacklingar och mål!
Kenny, you are a true AIK legend.
Well deserved by you commitment, passion and proffessionalism.
I hope to see you back in the club in the future!
I just wanna thank you for showing everybody the AIK style.
It makes me so sad that youre leaving.
Forever in my heart.
Al be rg et 4a: Vi e AIK, kom och ta oss, de senaste 3 mötena har det gått sådär words with friends game stuck er i grusgropen.
Boka gärna ett nytt möte!
Vi väntar tills ni har läkt alla sår från Frösunda senast.
Kenny: You are NR 1, take care, we love you!
Each and every game you have 100% or even moreI wish every player would have such attitude, your efforts in AIK were inspirational so thank you very much and good luck in the future!
You might leave us, but the memories remain!
I will NEVER forget the way you always gave 100% every second you where on the pitch!
The attitude and heart you play with is exactly what we want to see from the stands.
You are one of the true AIK-warriors, and we will never forget what youv'e done for us.
Good luck with Everything, take care of the wife and those cute kids, and remember you will always be welcomed with open arms in AIK!
There is, was, and always will be Only One Kenny Pavey!!
Henrik You're crazy Kenny, but you're my kind of crazy.
You are and always will be AIK.
You´re the only Milwall geezer possible to love!
Thanks for everything, you´ll always keep a place in my all time AIK 11.
Finns bara en Kenny Pavey!
Den bästa värvningen AIK har gjort!
Jag har sett alla!
Låt Kenny och Krister Nordin ta över värvningarna av mittfältare!!!!!!
Thanks for everything Kenny!
Apart from many of the already mentioned highlights, I will always remeber the goal you scored away at Halmstad 2009.
You forced in the goal in characteristic Paveystyle!
You are the KING!
I will always remember words with friends game stuck attitude.
I follow you on Twitter.
I will miss you.
As a wholehearted AIK supporter i can't thank you enough for you commitment and passioin that you've given the club, and the fans.
What started as a simple spark ended up in what can only be described as an ferocious enchantment.
From every tackle, to every sprint - from every sprint to each single kick.
All actions would always amaze due to one fact, that we finally had a player on the pitch that would represent us supporters.
Hardworking, nonchalant, fierce and f'ckn handsome.
All of thoose qualities, and a hundred more, have made you into one of the biggest AIK icons TO DATE - i wish you the best of luck in the future for you and your familty and for you to remember that us supporters will always have you in our hearts for many generations to come.
Har två mycket starka minnen av dig Kenny.
Dels när du avgjordeden viktiga matchen words with friends game stuck mot Torslanda då vi säkrade seriesegern du med huvudet i bandage.
Det andra är din enorma glädje på Lyckorna brygga på natten efter kvalsegern mot Väsby - här gjorde du ingen skillnad mellan spelare och supportar.
Hälsningar från Ljungskile en plats du heller aldrig glöms Thnx for everything Kenny, never gonna forget what you did here in AIK.
Never gonna forget your goal against Bajen -09, when i hugged you on the pitch after the golden game or your tackle against sebastian Eriksson by the cornerflagg.
If all players had your spirit, will and hart Allsvenskan would be ten times better and hundred more cards would be shown Have a good one mate Två färger, one english bastard.
Tack för dom här åren din tokiga fan du är och kommer alltid vara en stolthet för A.
Du har burit din svarta tröja med kärlek mod och stolthet!
Som bara en sann Gnagare kan göra.
There is only ONE KENNY PAVEY!!!!
S Två färger, one english bastard.
Tack för dom här åren din tokiga fan du är och kommer alltid vara en stolthet för A.
Du har burit din svarta tröja med kärlek mod och stolthet!
Som bara en sann Gnagare kan göra.
There is only ONE KENNY PAVEY!!!!
Thank you for everything Kenny!
You've been a role model for all players in Allsvenskan through showing them what it really means to give 100% for your club.
All the best, mate!
We shall never forget you!
I will miss you every day but most af all when "nothing" works and you just FIGHT the hole team back on track with pure attitude.
You will be remebered forever!
We will all miss you and your 100%, I wish you all the best and will always remember what you have done for the club and us fans.
Wherever you go or do you will always have a home here with us.
AIK is the only thing I have in life and you'll always be a part of AIK.
What you've done for me and all the fans for 6 years is indescribable.
You and the rest of the team!
You don't even know who I'am but you fought for me, you fought for thousands of AIK-fans, you gave everything for us every second you were on the field!
You're the living proof that you can succeed as long as you're willing to fight for it.
You're a role model!
I'll never forget the goal against Hammarby 25 of October 2009.
One of the best moments of my life.
That's why I still have the ticket for words with friends game stuck game, to always remember me that dreams can come true.
Thanks for being you.
You´ve been a wonderful inspiration.
I hope I´ll see your slide tackles and killer instinct again!
Thank you for this time and good luck in your future career.
It all ended way tooo sooon!
You gave the team so much love.
A Future - SIR Kenny Pavey Thank you for always giving hundred percent in every game!
Will always remember the goal against Hammarby in 2009.
Thank you for all the hard work and for showing how a winger should look like!
You and Rubarth are the first pick ever!
I have many memories of you, but one of them have been stuck in my brain and I think it describes why we all love you.
It was in 2007, probably September, away match at Halmstad, since I live on the west coast this is a match I don´t miss.
The score was 2-2, as it ended, when you tried to stop a Halmstad counter-attack, but your attempt resulted in a freekick and a yellow card.
You now were going to miss the next match, a derby against DIF and the devastation you showed when you begged for mercy from the ref showed me how you live for those matches.
Thanks for all Kenny, you have been a great part of my life for some years and wish you all the best.
Immense thanks to you Kenny, you'll forever be an AIK-Legend.
Whichever league and team you'll eventually end up in will be lucky to have you.
I'll always remember you as a one of a kind player and the part you played in the successes of the 2009 season.
See you at "The Den" Best of luck in the future!
Thanks for everything Kenny!
During your 7 years in AIK you have shown what a football player should be all about, fighting spirit, loyalty and the ability to share your energy to the rest of the players and the fans.
You will definitely be one of the most missed players in a long time.
Good luck with everything!
Thank your for all your contributions to the Allsvenskan Kenny!
It's been great seeing you play out there.
A Real Fighter with a Real Heart!
If only we had more characters like you in Swedish football, Bring ém over!
Wish you all the best for the future of your career!
Kenny our hero, words can not describe how proud i am for all that you given us.
When times where hard you where HARDER, you deserve all respect and love from us fans and you will be remembered forever as the heart of the "machine" that is A.
It still makes me smile, when I think about your goal against Hammarby 2009.
We will never forget and you are always welcome back to Råsunda and Swedbank Arena.
There will always, ALWAYS be a place for you in AIK forever.
You are a true legend.
I put you among the great ones in the black shirt.
You played with heart and you won our heart.
You incarnated AIK on the pitch.
We should put 14 on hold for your son.
Tack för att du alltid gjort allt du kan för oss, oavsett motstånd, oavsett ställning matchen.
En riktig gnagare som förtjänar full respekt och ett stort TACK.
Kommer alltid bli ihågkommen.
TACK för allt Kung Kenny.
Har varit en ära att få se dig i den svartgula tröjan och att få skrika med i dina hyllningsramsor från Norra stå.
Vi glömmer dig aldrig, du är och kommer alltid vara en legend.
Hylla den som hyllas bör, There is only ONE Kenny Pavey.
You'll be the one i tell my grandkids stories about when they have some snotnosed punk to idolize 40 years from now.
TACK för allt Kung Kenny.
Har varit en ära att få se dig i den svartgula tröjan och att få skrika med i dina hyllningsramsor från Norra stå.
Vi glömmer dig, du är och kommer alltid vara en legend.
Hylla den som hyllas bör, There is only ONE Kenny Pavey.
AIK Ser dig inte som en spelare, för mig är du en broder i AIK-familjen.
Önskar dig all lycka i framtiden.
Mvh I'm thinking, like someone wrote at gnagarforum.
Whos gonna take that unnecessary yellow card now to wake up the lads?
Anyway, so sad that you are leaving us.
You will be remembered.
Very sad you leaving, had hoped that it would sorted out with a new contract!
Hopefully we'll see you in AIK some day again : your a living legend!
Tack Kenny för dina 6 år!
Du kommer att vara otroligt saknad!
Du finns kvar i våra hjärtan!
Pavey har aldrig sparkat någon på kuken, bara jonson på fittan.
You wore Our shirt with all the pride it deserves.
You have been apart of AIK history.
You have scored the winning goal against bajen 2009.
You have put s.
For every blood, sweet and tear you have given us.
For every broken bone.
I say Thank You.
Thank You, Kenny Pavey You will be remembered.
Du har alltid varit en ytterst medelmåttig fotbollsspelare och jag har aldrig förstått din storhet.
AIK identifierar sig med dig på något konstigt sätt, antagligen på grund av dina huvudlösa rage-utbrott som på något sätt går hans i hans med solna i det stora hela.
Hur som helst vill jag bara tala om att jag tappade respekten för dig fullständigt när du inte kunde vara en man och erkänna ditt övergrepp på Mattias Jonsson efter derbyt.
Ha en bra kväll.
Thank you Kenny for six beautiful years in AIK.
You will be missed, but never forgotten!
Good luck with the rest of your career!
And just so you know.
You're always welcome to shag my future words with friends game stuck />I'll make you her wild card ;- 14 - True legend.
I hope you will be back in A.
K in one or another way soon.
I bought you a drink once at the ambassadeur, I hope I get the chance to do it again sometime, you were really nice to me!!
Good Luck in the future Kenny!
Tack för allt Kenny, 2000-talets krigare, du blir förevigt ihågkommen av oss!
Fler artiklar om AIK AIK AIK spelar sin sista träningsmatch under försäsongen 2018 mot IFK Norrköping.
Det är det sista som sker innan säsongsstarten som stundar om en dryg vecka.
Sjuttonårige Mushitu kom till AIK:s akademi från Västerås under 2018 och skriver nu på ett kontrakt med A-laget som sträcker sig över tre år.
Burgic pratar även om hans lite tudelade bild av Rikard Norling.
Dagens gäst Johan Westin ställer även en högst relevant fråga.
Hundratalet åskådare var på plats för att följa träningspasset.
Lånet gäller för resten av säsongen.
Åbro upplåter även sin plats på matchtröjan i år till Hjärt-lungfonden.
Sulejman Krpic gjorde matchens enda mål.
Nu diskuteras den senaste matchen mot Häcken samt den annalkande allsvenska premiären.



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